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hyrule_kingdom's Journal

Kingdom Of Hyrule
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About Us

This is a roleplay based off of the Kingdom of Hyrule. Though it is a bit more modern, it's really only the clothes that have been modernized to normal clothes, like what we would wear. People still fight with swords and shields, staffs, magic, etc and usually get around on foot, horseback, wild boar, and giant birds. Whatever weapon your character has in canon will most likely be what they use in this game and if they are able to use magic, materia, etc then they can use that too. Though, one cannot continuously heal themself or others, because immortality is one thing that won't be allowed, as it is considered god-modding (though they can be healed perhaps once in a fight.) Mind you, potions and other things are sold to give you health and all that. Killing is not allowed, although torturing/maiming/beating etc is okay, if talked through with the other character that is getting the said things.

People in the Game

Hylians: The main people, mostly found in the villages and castle town. They are ruled by the Princess Zelda.

Gorons: (Since this is modified a bit, the Gorons are a bit different) The Gorons are found in Death Mountain and instead of huge creatures, they are now a bit more human like, but are a lot stronger than any mere human. They have brown skin, broad shoulders and rock-like armor on their backs and arms. They usually have blond-ish hair and purple/blue eyes. Mostly male too. The females would be strong, but not as strong as the males or perhaps humans. They're more slender, feminine and would of course have a chest and the armor on their shoulders and backs. They are ruled by the King of Gorons: Darunia.

Zoras: The Zora's are fish-like human creatures with fins for feet and fingers with just a bit of webbing between them; not too mention their skin is slick, wet, and blue much like a fish's. They eat small fish and are usually staying in the domain or lake, because if they travel too much their skin will dry up and they can get very sick. The only significant differences between the male Zoras and female Zoras are that the females have chests and hips while the males are flat chested and broad shouldered. They are ruled by the Prince (or King) Ralis, whom is but a young Zora still.

Gerudo: Female thieves that reside in the Gerudo Fortress in the desert. They really do not trust outsiders, but are actually starting to lighten up, but one must still have a pass from them to enter the fortress (you can get one from beating an archery game or one can be made for you under special tasks). They are ruled by Nabooru.

Other: Then of course, there are the characters that you all join as! :3 They will be whatever race they are in canon.


Hyrule Castle
The living quarters of the Princess Zelda and her guards. Get to the castle through the town, but it is heavily guarded.

Hyrule Castle Town
A small town that surrounds the large Hyrule Castle. There are many people bustling about to get to work or school and many stores to buy things from (clothes, weapons, potions, etc. Remember people, this is modern timed Hyrule, be creative!) Watch out, or you may find yourself buying a lot of stuff.

Hyrule Fields
A large field land that leads to many other places outside of the castle and it's town. You can get to Ordona Village, Kakariko Village and Lake Hylia from here. You can take the route through Kakariko Village and get to the same places in Southern Hyrule fields, but you better have arrows and bombs on you.

Ordona Village
The village of Ordona, a small town where a few people (and their families) stay and thrive. It's a sort of keep to yourself place, though people do venture out of the small town, through the Ordona woods (outside the village and connected to the Faron Woods), to get to the castle town to buy things. Link lives here.

Faron Woods
A thick woods full of trees, shrubs and connected to the Ordona woods too. The Forest Temple is found deep in it's core and is rather unsafe to enter, which is why the entrance to the temple is under lock and key held by Link.

Kakariko Village
A quiet village that leads to Death Mountain. Home of the imfamous Renado, the shaman in the town that heals and helps the sick and his daughter. This is also a place where Barnes' Bomb Shop, the Inn, and the Malo Mart are located.

Death Mountain
The home of the Gorons, rock-like creatures that protect the mines and the fire temple. One cannot get past without the key, which is held by King Darunia and the temple is very unstable at this time.

Lake Hylia
A large lake where the water from the waterfull of Zora's domain pours into. Home of Fyer's Fantastic Flights and the Island of Treasures, also where the boat ride ends. The water temple is found here, deep in the lake but cannot be entered unless the Prince has given a person permission or the Zora armor to get there.

Upper Zora's River
Home of the boat ride and the fishing hole, also leads out of the Lake and back into Hyrule Fields.

Zora's Domain
Home of the Zora's, fish eating, water dwelling creatures. The prince Ralis is the last ruler at the moment. There is a trail that leads up to Snow Peak, but you'd better have some warm clothing if you're going to go up there.

Snow Peak
Pretty much a winter wonderland with a freezing cold lake. The only way to get across is to go across the floating ice blocks, but even if you get across, you'd better be able to get through the snow storms.

Yeto and Yeta's Mansion (Snow Temple)
Home of Yeto and Yeta, also a dungeon. Not much to really do here, unless you challenge Yeto and Yeta to ice sledding! Better start practicing!

Gerudo Mesa (Desert)
The Gerudo (female thieves) live here with their leader Nabooru, who holds the key to the Light Temple, home to Kotake and Koume, whom were said to be destroy, but one doesn't know as the temple has not been opened in years.

The Mirror Chamber
Found in the Gerudo Fortress and leads to the realm of Twilight, where strong willed (and spirited) people will be turned into beasts (wolves, lions, etc) and if they are not, they are turned into mere spirits.

The Twilight Realm
Through the Mirror of Twilight, you will be relocated in this dark realm, where you are turned into a beast (you will get to pick what you turn into on the app) and will only be able to return to the Realm of Light back through the mirror. You start at the Twilight Castle, home of the Twilight Princess; Midna.

Midna's Castle
Home of the Twilight Princess. She recides here and watches over her people in the realm.

The Shadow Temple
One of the only places in the realm of Twilight aside from Midna's Castle. This temple is under guard and people can only pass with the key to the temple which is held by Sheik.

Ganondorf's Castle
Home of the Evil King. Yes, he's back, but is really limited to the Realm of Twilight. If he found a way back into the light, which is really only the Mirror, that'd be horrible, right? Right. Which is why the mirror is under heavy guard by the Sages of Light in the Realm of Light and the Sages of Twilight in the Realm of Twilight (only spirits).

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To get to our chat, send yourself a chat invite with the name `kingdomhyrule' or just ask one of the mods! :3

(Perhaps more to be added as the rp progresses)